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Seven Days to Love

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ISBN: 9781457538001
240 pages

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From the beginning, Lance was fascinated by Vicky’s witty banter. He had very reluctantly gone on line for a date. He was 67, she 32, and it seemed impossible. Vicky has a hidden agenda. Lance was a former Korean War pilot who was shot down behind enemy lines and killed as many as fifty pursuers during his escape. He had been armed only with a knife.

Against all odds they fall deeply in love but have only seven days to enjoy it. They treasure each day to the fullest.


About Robert Daviau

Bob Daviau is a retired Maine Lawyer. He spent most of his professional life in court. He was known as a “no nonsense lawyer,” and was often hated by his peers. Those non-lawyers that witnessed his courtroom tirades remember him fondly. Whatever he did, he did it hard. For relaxation away from the courtroom, he won club championships at golf or refereed hockey and basketball.



Captain Lance Bonner was on his forty-fourth mission over Korea. He was returning from a ground support raid among a squad of three. All were Douglas A-1 Skyraiders. None had any bombs left, but they had cannon fire. It was not proper to fly home empty, as one never knew when ammunition would be needed.


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