Excerpt from “PROLOGUE”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from “PROLOGUE”:

Captain Lance Bonner was on his forty-fourth mission over
Korea. He was returning from a ground support raid among a
squad of three. All were Douglas A-1 Skyraiders. None had any
bombs left, but they had cannon fire. It was not proper to fly
home empty, as one never knew when ammunition would be

There was no known hostile fire and no enemy planes in
the area. All was as calm as it gets in war. Perhaps it was too

Captain Bonner’s Skyraider sounded many alarms, and
smoke trailed from its engine. The other two pilots alerted
Bonner that he had been hit. The engine quit altogether, and
Bonner knew restarting it was futile. He was able to fly it, but
only if he kept air speed by pointing the nose down. He was
several hundred miles behind enemy lines and at least one
hundred miles from the ocean. Landing a crippled aircraft
without an airstrip requires skill and luck. If the terrain is
unsuitable for landing, the pilot cannot go around. Once he
gets low, he takes the chute out of the equation, but he knows
a crash-landed aircraft does not leave telltale silk or a fireball
for the eyes of the enemy.

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