Excerpt from Chapter One – “THE INTRODUCTION”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from Chapter One – “THE INTRODUCTION”:

By the time Lance Bonner turned sixty-seven, he was
alone. His first wife, Sally, had left in a firestorm, paying
a fortune in legal fees to hunt him like a dog. His second,
Fern, had been a much kinder and nicer woman, but her wellbeing
had been shortened by a combination of rheumatoid
arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. Lance had reluctantly placed
her in a facility a year prior. Most bothersome for Lance was
that even during Fern’s lucid moments, she was happy to be
where she was. Lance visited often, but Fern had tired of them.
His visits would interrupt canasta or Days of Our Lives, or—
heaven forbid—Bingo. Lance had fond memories of Fern. She,
like Lance, had loved the wilderness and had joined him frequently
at his camps in the western mountains. Those days
were gone.

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