Excerpt from Chapter Two – “THE MEETING”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from Chapter Two – “THE MEETING”:

Lance was nervous. He was sixty-seven years old and
hadn’t had a blind date since college. He remembered
well how poorly they had gone. The prom queen hadn’t
needed to be “fixed up.”

But this was different, or so Lance hoped. He didn’t know
how to dress. Suit? Jacket and tie? Too formal? He chose slacks
and a dress shirt. Button-down, or no? Lance didn’t have a
clue. He wasn’t about to call his kids. He chose a sweater. He
had even rented a car for the occasion. He wasn’t going to
drive over in a pickup truck. He checked his e-mail nervously.
An hour before the meeting, there was no rejection.

A no-show was always possible, and that would be better
than a grouchy date. Or so Lance imagined.

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