Excerpt from Chapter Four – “THE COAST”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from Chapter Four – “THE COAST”:

They got off to a late start, but the weather was horrible.
Heavy rain fell, and a harsh wind blew from the east. It
was a two-hour drive and they used every moment to talk.
Vicki wanted to hold Lance’s hand, but she knew better. A
mistake now would ruin everything.

The inn was elegant. It had a beautiful dining room with
hardwood floors and a dance area. It was early afternoon, and
they had cheese and white wine at the bar. The place seemed

They were shown to their rooms by a bellman. The two
rooms shared a mutual door. Lance’s room had a huge stone
fireplace with a love seat in front. Both rooms had a view of
the Atlantic, as it roared in disapproval of the bashing it was
taking from the wind. The tide was high, as was the surf, and
only about five feet of sand wound its way to a secluded cove.

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