Excerpt from Chapter Five – “THE RIDE AND THE JUMP”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from Chapter Five – “THE RIDE AND THE JUMP”:

Lance was up at 5:00. Vicki awakened at 7:00. Room service
appeared with black coffee and Danish. Lance had
showered and was fully dressed, but Vicki still had a few cobwebs
from the champagne. They sipped coffee and nibbled
sweet rolls on Vicki’s deck overlooking a largely subdued
Atlantic. The storm had passed, and the sun was quickly meeting
the ocean fog. Vicki was still remembering the kiss in the
lagoon, the wine by the fire, the tango, and her Grand
Marnier. To her, it would be a hard act to follow. She was also
bothered by how seriously she was falling for Lance. Her life
did not allow for that.

Lance finished his second cup of coffee and looked at
Vicki. “On the way home, we’ll stop at Fun Park. They have a
great roller coaster. Then we have a skydive at Lancaster Airport
at 3:00. Have you ever skydived, Vicki?”

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