Excerpt from Chapter Eight – “THE TALK”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from Chapter Eight – “THE TALK”:

The trip out of camp was uneventful, a two-mile walk followed
by a two-hour drive. There was no hand holding,
no love making. Each dreaded where they were going. This
was day seven. Each had, without question, found love, and
each wanted it to last forever—or at least longer. Lance was
convinced there would be a way out. He was more certain
than ever that this was not the end.

Vicki was just as sure that this was the end. Seven days
prior, she had been very much alone. She had planned and
charted each course, and the journey had been a huge success.
By all measures she was not as empty and lonely as she had
been. Through no fault of either, their lives together would
soon end.

By two o’clock, they were home. Vicki looked at Lance and
sighed. It was time. She had checked her messages; there were
none. The governor had not called.

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