Excerpt from Chapter Nine – “THE DOCTOR VISIT”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from Chapter Nine – “THE DOCTOR VISIT”:

Dr. Phillip Kantor was a top-notch neurosurgeon. He
had surgeon’s rights at many hospitals, including
Aspen. He had been treating Vicki for a little over a year, and
her prognosis was not good. Basically, she had a very aggressive
brain tumor that had resisted chemo and radiation. He
had performed exploratory surgery a few months prior, but
left the tumor untouched. The tumor seemed to encroach on
parts of the brain which controlled basic functions of life. To
invade these areas surgically ran the clear risk of death or permanent
life-altering injury. He had had several consultations
with his colleagues, and all agreed.

He had last seen Vicki a month before and had gone over
her options. If nothing was done, she would surely die, and it
was impossible to know how death would arrive. In all likelihood,
death would be preceded by balance loss, extreme
headaches, loss of motor function, and, ultimately, organ failure.
Radical surgery, which was scheduled, was very risky, and
death in surgery was possible. More likely was brain damage,
leaving severe and permanent impairment to the patient. To
have a chance at life, Vicki had to be willing to risk being
gravely impaired and to face endless rehab.

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