Excerpt from Chapter Ten – “THE LAST SUPPER”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from Chapter Ten – “THE LAST SUPPER”:

There were no pre-surgery restrictions for Vicki, so they
ordered a bottle of wine for her and scotch for Lance.
They dined on chicken and rice, which room service delivered.
Lance certainly needed the scotch, and Vicki her wine. Finally,
during dinner, Lance got something off his chest. “I am certainly
not thinking you will go there, Vicki, but I had an out-ofbody
experience. I have seen death, and it was very pleasant.”

Vicki did not know that, and wanted to know every detail.

“Not very much to tell. I got hit in the neck by a hockey
stick while refereeing. It put pressure on my carotid artery,
which stopped my heart. I hit the floor and watched myself
being down. Something of me was drifting up, and I was
watching myself. I was leaving my body, and it was very peaceful.
For no reason, while the ambulance crew was tending to
me, my heart started to turn over and I decided to live—but it
wasn’t very much fun while my heart was beating ten beats per

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