Excerpt from Chapter Eleven – “TO THE HOSPITAL”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from Chapter Eleven – “TO THE HOSPITAL”:

Vicki was expectedly somber on the ride over to the hospital.
There was nothing more to say, by either. It was
not unlike the walk to the death chamber made by those on
death row. Lance was shaking, but he did not want Vicki to see
it. Vicki kept her sunglasses on, masking her tears. Their time
was about over.

They went, pursuant to instruction, to surgery admission.
Vicki was taken into a room by a nurse or assistant, and Lance
was shown to a waiting room that would become his hell over
the next few days. Vicki undressed and donned a johnny. An
anesthesiologist came in and gave her a much-needed sedative.
Lance was brought in. He and Vicki held hands, and then
the sedative took hold. Vicki started to babble.

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