Excerpt from Chapter Thirteen – “THE TEST OF LOVE”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from Chapter Thirteen – “THE TEST OF LOVE”:

The wait until four was of no significance. Nothing was
going to change for the good. Vicki was not going to
make a remarkable recovery, and there was going to be no
magic out for Lance. Vicki had seen to it that someone who
truly loved her would be given the shunt decision, and she
had seen to it that Lance loved her. They had enjoyed their
seven days of love, but now it was truly over. Lance was faced
with the reality that Vicki had prepared. They had had a wonderful

Lance thought lovingly of the week they had enjoyed. She
had made him feel unlike any other, and there was not going
to be another. Down the hall and near death was Vicki. He
would pay anything to have her back, but miracles are not

Her instructions had been clear and unequivocal. Lance
hoped that there would be minimal permanent impairment.
Vicki with a limp was doable, although forbidden by Vicki’s
instruction, but the degree of permanency projected by Doctor
Carbone gave little choice. To pull the plug on someone he
loved, as he did Vicki, was not easy for Lance. Death is permanent
and unforgiving, but survival always gives chances.

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