Excerpt from Chapter Fourteen – “THE DECISION”

Seven Days to Love by Robert Daviau

Excerpt from Chapter Fourteen – “THE DECISION”:

After a few hours, Lance had made his decision. Vicki had
left him no real choice, and Dr. Carbone had not been
encouraging. Some would endure a wheelchair and other disabilities
over death. Lance certainly would not, and it was clear
that Vicki wanted no part of it either. God may intervene and save
her, but it would have to be Him. Lance was not going to tell
Vicki what she should do. Had Vicki given him more of a choice,
he would have opted for the shunt, but her instructions, and the
effort that she had undergone to issue them, left no doubt.

Lance imagined the guilt he would feel if she were shunted
and the results were catastrophic. A woman who loved him
might turn to hate him, and he might hate her. They had had
seven magical days together, and without divine intervention,
no more were coming.

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